giant skeletons

giant skeletons = Nico Walser

EM contributor Nico (born in Germany in 1965)                is a sound and conceptual artist, composer, multiinstrumentalist, producer and mixing engineer. 

His work as "giant skeletons" reflects his desire for neo-classical music, electronica and field recordings. 



"Georgious"- XLR8R, U.S.


"Phantasmagoric" - textura, Canada


"Big-screen cinematic" - 'The Moderns Vol. 2'             book & Baddpressblog, Canada


"High-class...cinema for the mind" - Streetclip mag, Germany


"Colorful, lively and intense" - EMpulsiv mag, Germany

His “water, wood & bones” trilogy was nominated several times for the german Schallwelle Award. 

signals from a ghost fungus

Welcome to the world of mycelium. Sonics from electric mushrooms. The underground network of the planet.

Cover illustration: Ernst Haeckel (Germany, 1834 - 1919)

Painting by Sinaida Serebrjakowa (Russia, 1884-1967),

'so sleep Binka' 1908

*sleep tides

A sonic somnology with sound art, music and field recordings (e. g. the Wadden Sea Germany and from within a compost heap).

Album cover by Eugène Anatole Carrière (France, 1849–1906), sleep 1897.

                    Painting by Carolus Duran (France, 1837-1917),                              'sleeping man', 1861

Von Belkinrode nach Bellingroth

An Audio Geography

Guide to a Sunken Citadel

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 2

Ocean of the Forgotten

70 minutes of favourite tracks from the

"Water, Wood & Bones" album trilogy

Ghosts of Forsaken Ships

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 1

Warden of the hummimg Skies

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 3

Code Blue

Best of Early Works


The German music & performance ensemble existed from 1992 to 1995 (10 members) and 1996 to 1997 (7 members). Founder, main composer and lyricist as well as singer Norbert Walser (today Nico Walser) deliberately did not put together a band. Thus the motley ensemble consisted of professionals and amateurs - among others three different percussionists as well as a cellist and a trumpeter. Music between catchy and experimental - with the emphasis on performance. Among other things, Normal-8 films were projected on stage; theatrical and circus interludes rounded off the live spectacle. See also the German Wikipedia.