The Deconstruction of Light (2018)

1. deadend mind 

2. canary in a cathouse

3. black dog

4. suburban wasteland blues

5. heads in beds

6. through the gates

7. moongarden 

Wrong Planet (2016)

1. foreign fields

2. kingdom of rain

3. liquid sky

4. beyond the black rainbow

5. rabbit hole

6. deep sand

7. wrong planet

8. empire of the sun 

9. new horizons  

Lunatic Asylum (2015)

1. canary in a cathouse

2. deadend mind 

3. black dog

4. trainspotting

5. grapefruit moon

6. crawling in circles

7. barfly

8. burning in water, drowning in flame

9. escape to anywhere

10. heads in beds 

11. dolphin street

12. frozen images

13. disconnect


Men on the Moon (2019)

Fantastic compilation of electronic music

We are very honored to be part of it


Produced by Schallwende e.V. 

Mastered by Ron Boots 


The Sled

The Sled is the 10th holiday album for charity

from Melodic Revolution Records (MRR), an independent

Prog & Rock music label by Nick Katona 


We are very honoured to be part of it

Giant Seletons

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 3

Sound Alchemy: Nico Walser 

Giant Skeletons                                     "Guide to a Sunken Citadel" (2018)

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 2

Sound Alchemy: Nico Walser

Giant Skeletons                                    "Ghosts of Forsaken Ships" (2018)

Music of Water, Wood & Bones 1

Sound Alchemy: Nico Walser

Code Blue

Before Giant Skeletons there was Code Blue

A Trip Hop / Dream Pop project by Nico Walser